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Art & Creativity Classes

Discover your creativity and give yourself the license to play.


Personalized Creativity Classes and Worshops

•        Discover a new sense of energy and vitality          Reconnect to your inner child           

•        Increase your awareness                                     Unblock your creative abilities          

•        Learn to be more spontaneous                            Grow in confidence 



Sample Workshop & Class Titles

Overcome your fear of creating art! Schedule a class today. 


 Music, Meditation and Watercolor -Allow yourself to relieve stress through watercolor, guided meditation and relaxing music.


Relaxation Through Textural Painting -Discover the pleasure of adding textures to paint, as it becomes a meditative exercise. Focus more on the process, and less on the finished product.


Creating Collage Vignettes -Create personal collages illustrating your heart’s desire, affirmations or images that embrace your inner child.


Visual Journaling -Express your deepest thoughts through writing and discover your personal symbols.


Painting for Relaxation -Eliminate stress by doing relaxation exercises and participating in painting activities that will open up your creative instincts. 


Discovering the Emotions of Color or Painting your Chakras -Rediscover your creativity through an in-depth study of the emotions associated with color. Enjoy the therapeutic effects of the seven “Chakra” colors in your life.


Wild Child Mask Making with Paper Mache – takes two class sessions to complete. Discover a revealing new self with this exploration into making a fantasy mask.


Impressions in Ink -Dive in to the spontaneity of drawing and creating in ink.


Pricing: Class fees start as low as $25 per session per person, supplies included. Fees vary depending on length of time, supply costs and space considerations. A required 50% of fee is due to schedule the class.


Contact me to schedule an individualized class for the specific needs of you and your group. Feel free to put in a special request if you don’t see something listed. 


I look forward to providing a unique and memorable

                       art event for you and your friends!                                           




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